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 Perfect World Academy: Archosaur.

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Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-07-02
Age : 25
Location : Merced Cali

PostSubject: Perfect World Academy: Archosaur.   Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:35 pm

Where do the children of the great heros of this realm go to train while the wraiths continue their assalt?
The answer is PWA, a school in the center of Archosaur which the elders of the three races have deemed safe enough for the treasured children can go, surrounded by the fortress that is the great capital of the world, to be trained under the watchful eyes of the strongest warriors.

Welcome to Perfect World Academy.

1. All Forum rules apply

2. No spamming

3. No god modding. Doing so the first time is a warning. The second time, things get a bit more serious...
God modding is when you take control over another person's character.

4. No auto hitting and other stuff like that, the same system with god modding applies here.

Auto hitting is when you attack another person's character, and say that it hits. It is up to that person weather if the hit lands or not!
Ex. Bob stabbed Joe in the arm…..WRONG!
Bob tried to stab Joe in the arm…..RIGHT!

5. Try to keep everything in the realm of physics; magic is okay but no traveling 10,000 miles per hour without the aid of magic.

6. No power playing. This is a much more serious offense,
Power playing is when you make your character invincible or fight unfairly against other players by using overpowered attacks.

7.Try to use good spelling and grammar!

8. Again, no auto hitting or power playing is tolerated.

9. When role playing, use past tense! If your character is speaking, however, you may use whatever tense you want.

10. Your bio must be a respectable length, and must be detailed. Pictures are encouraged, but nor required.

11. You must use double parentheses to speak out of character. ((This is an example.))

12. Have fun!


Bio Format!



Race: (Mixed races allowed)

Class: (Try to keep the classes to the right races, mixed races can choose either or)

Appearence (picture welcome also)





Extra activitys:



Black smithing 1, Black smithing 2, Black smithing 3, Advanced Black smithing.

Apothicary 1, Apothicary 2, Apothicary 3, Advanced Apothicary.

Tailoring 1, Tailoring 2, Tailoring 3, Advanced Tailoring.

Crafting 1, Crafting 2, Crafting 3, Advanced Crafting.

Class specific.

Cleric: Healing 101, advanced healing, Magic attack skills.

Venomancer: Pet training, Grooming, Magic attack skills.

Wizard: Elemental arts, Magic training, spell practice.

Barbarian: Endurance class, Weapon training, Tank class.

Archer: Target practice, Weapon training, Yoga.

Blademaster: Advanced Weapon training, Weapon training, Running.

Tideborn (They are basicly the Foriegn exchange students)

Assasin: Agility training, dagger practice, swimming.

Psychic: Advanced magical attacks, swimming.


Extra activities:
Football, track, cheer leading, Mount riding, hunting, wraith raids (only for advanced students)
((Feel free to suggest more))


Locations on campus (Which is basicly all in Archosaur)
The actual campus is in the southeast corner of Archosaur, and some spots spread out into other areas.
Olympic lap pool (In the middle of Arch)
Weight Room
Headmaster's office
Teacher's Lounge
(can add more)

Out of School Locations:
Housing District ( For those who live outside school grounds. )
The Woods
Hot springs, lakes, ponds and steams
There will be more to come….

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Forum Patron

Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-07-02
Age : 25
Location : Merced Cali

PostSubject: Re: Perfect World Academy: Archosaur.   Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:35 pm

Character Name : Yume Arah.
Race: Untamed Venomancer/Winged Elf (Fox)
Classes: Apoth. 101, Mount Riding, basic healing.

Age: 13

Appearence: Yume stands at a small statured height of 5'1, her frame is quite small and slender, but common for females of her race.
Her hair is a near pure white along with her wings and tail, She has a wing span of around 5 feet at full stretch with pure white feathers, most of the time she has them folded or away.
Her face is very soft and gentle, her bright blue eyes matching her hair and feathers nicely.
she normally wears a small light blue tank top because it has a space in the back for her wings, and normally a pair of tight blue jeans with small sandels.

Personality: Yume is a bit of a shy person, she enjoys quiet moments, but also company with others, the reason for shyness is her birthparents, and how she was treated back in the City of the Lost, making her a slight outcast.

History: Yume was born from a odd birth, her mother being a Venomancer, and her father a Cleric, giving her the look of a fox venomancer mixed a winged elves.
Some hate left over from the war between the Untamed and winged elves has been thrust on her for her entire life, most of those she meet either glaring daggers at her, or staying away from her like she has the plague, thou she also has had some daring barbarians flirt with her, mainly of the younger generation who have less hate for the Winged elves.
And now she is being sent to the academy to hone her talents.

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Forum Patron

Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-07-02
Age : 25
Location : Merced Cali

PostSubject: Re: Perfect World Academy: Archosaur.   Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:36 pm

Standing in the center of Archosaur, on the bridge spanning across the decorative lake, Yume was watching over the water, breathing in the heavy morning air, feeling a bit chilly standing under the shade of the plateform where she sees heros going to talk to the renown headhunter, out to make a name for themselves in the world with so much adventure is possible.
Yet she sighed as she was stuck inside the walls of this huge city, lost in the crowds of people "Guess i better hurry before it gets crowded.." She said to herself walking along the path south to the port gate "Guess i should say hi to the elder on my way.." she said as she turned, gazing out into the port, watching the busy ships unload supplies for the city, thou she didnt care about them as she stared past them, out to sea, freedom.
"Good morning Elder." she said and gave a small bow to the busy elder of Archosaur as he helped heros, and gave orders.
She walked south along the path and looked upon the southeast corner of the city, dedicated to the large school.
"Well..guess its time for school.." she thought.

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Forum Patron

Posts : 14
Join date : 2010-07-02
Age : 25
Location : Merced Cali

PostSubject: Re: Perfect World Academy: Archosaur.   Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:51 pm

((Bump, come on people D: ))
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PostSubject: Re: Perfect World Academy: Archosaur.   

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Perfect World Academy: Archosaur.
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