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Can everyone please remember in future to sign up to TW it helps us out alot for making squads. TY KillerFreak
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 Being helpfull!!!

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PostSubject: Being helpfull!!!   Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:04 am

When I first heard from some low lvl chars that being helpfull isn't really written in the dictionary of a fair few of the high lvl chars in out faction, I did not believe it. BUT with my own low lvl cleric (lvl61 atm and purely healing cleric, therefor has almost next to nothing in attack skills and dependend on others for quests.) I did see myself how ignorant high lvls can be. I do not say that ALL high lvls are being jerks towards the low lvls, but it does appear that it is always the same ones that help.
I was even forced to dual client majority of the time to do my quests for my cleric. This is not acceptable!!! We want to make sure all classes are able to lvl up and help out with TW/TT/BH/FF. It is NOT because you are a high lvl that your own quests (excuse that I have heard often and completely bullshyt because high lvls don't have that much quests anymore) are far more important then helping out others.
Also I have noticed that a lot of the high lvls just ignore the low lvls and suddenly are availeble when their own friends (aka high lvls) need help or just want to fool around in some kind of run. Don't be an ignorant one, it will destroy the faction. I have seen it before and there is no other solution to keep the faction going and growing than being helpfull to ALL LVLS.
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PostSubject: Re: Being helpfull!!!   Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:09 am

I just wanted to say that previous post (the one under Thanatos) was made by me, but by accident it was still logged in under his account (we share comp).
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Being helpfull!!!
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